The regional groupings presented here are from standard language used by libraries and reflect their groups used in classification systems for maps.

Interior & Southern B.C.


24 sketch maps Ft Okanagan to Alexandria. 1 map on hand

A Map of Mackenzie's track Fort Chipewyan to...Pacific Ocean

A map of the Oregon Territory by David Thompson from his survey...6 yrs

A map shewing the communications of the lakes ...L. Superior and Slave L..

A portion of the colony of B.C compiled...1832-1851

A sketch of the course of West branch Liard R. & Pelly's R.

A sketch of Thompsons River District 1827 (Original+ transcript)

An Indian map of the different tribes...East & west side of Rocky Mtns...

Athabaska Pass, Koot R. -mouth Col R. no map?

Brigade trails

British North America...w rts of Simpson (1828), McLeod...

Chart of New Caledonia

Chart of the Main Ridge of the Rocky Mtns

Chart of the NW and Interior country

Cht Mack R Dept to Rocky Mtns exhib... Main Ridge Rocky Mtns

Company Territories desiring further information

Copy of map presented to the Congress by Peter Pond...

Exped Ft Geo to Ft Van to Nicomekl and Langley

Exped Stuart Lk, Ft St James etc . No map?

Exped to Finlay & Parsnip R. No map?

Exped to Peace River. No map?

Exploration maps of the South Sask. & Athabaska R areas

Exploration sketch Upper Fraser, Ft. George-Tete Jaune Cache

Explorations on the S Sask R, The Rocky Mtns, the Columbia R

Ft. Okanagon to Thompson R & Kamloops. No map?

Ft. St James to Soda Ck & Columbia R . No map?

Howse Pass, Columbia to Kootenay R. No map?

Indian Chart [showing West branch of Liard R to Dease Lk]

Liard R from sources to Mackenzie R (141'W)

Map accompanying Martin book on HBC conduct

Map ctry btwn Hudsons Bay & N Pacific Ocean (showing Cook)

Map laid down from sketches and observations of Peter Fidler

Map of BC from Original Sources 1832-51

Map of country between Hudsons Bay & Pacific

Map of part of Windermere Dist. (copied from Thompsons map)

Map of the Arctic Coast of America.(Dease/Simpson looking for Franklin)

Map of the country lying west of the Rocky Mtns. 5 shts

Map of the Northern Rocky Mtns & Plateau

Map of the Northwest Territory of Prov of Canada. 1792/1812

Map of the Upper Columbia

Map of Thompson's River District

Map showing the author's route...

Map to illustrate Mr. Kane's travels in the territory...HBC

Maps of the Snake River area

Misc maps, post 1850, some Vancouver Is. All missing

Misc maps, some Vancouver Is. All missing

N/W Co. McTavish Overland Expedition. No map?

New route for the Horse Brigade via Harr Lk to Ft Langley

North America north of 30' from Hudson Bay to Kampschatka

Northern BC explorations & exped down Fraser River. No map?.

Nouvelle carte des sources de fleuve Colombie, dresse...

Part of 1824 world tour map Tour of Forts.

Part of map showing Trails to Kamloops

Plan of Fort Colville, Columbia River.

Sketch from Babine Lk to Simpson's R (Bulkley),to Forks (Hazelton)

Sketch map from Ft Hope-Otter Lk (Tulameen)

Sketch map of part of the Rocky mtns showing Lord Southesk's rt...1859

Sketch of explorations 1846-1849 Kamloops to Ft Langley

Sketch of Fort Vancouver and adjacent plains

Sketch of H.B Company's claim at Okanagan O.S

Sketch of Makenzie's track along the rivers Unijah...Pacific

Sketch of the country near the mouth of the Quaquialla

Sketch of the environs of Fort Vancouver

Sketch Upper Columbia & Colvile to Jasper's House, 1842...

Sketch...showing the extended track of trade NW Co...Pacific

Sources of the Flathead River

The Oregon Territory/ from actual survey, corrected by...

Travels of Capt Peter Pond 1773-90. Extracted from his map.

[Jasper- Little Slave Lake- Fort Augustus area 1846]

[Map illustrating...expedition up West Branch Liard R. 1831]

[Map of the Columbia River Basin] 1821 and notes added 1849

[Oregon, Idaho and adjacent area] [drawn by David Thompson]

[Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and adjacent area)

[P. S. Ogden's Camp Track 1829 with directions] (Snake R)

[Peter Fidler's route to the Rockies]

[Rough sketch of part of Kootenay Lk...showing Kootenay R & ore body]

[Sketch map of land either side of Rocky Mtns...Athabaska-Snake]

[W. Canada; copy of map presented by P Pond to Lord Hamilton

[Washington Territory] 1 map in 5 shts (hairy caterpillars)

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