The regional groupings presented here are from standard language used by libraries and reflect their groups used in classification systems for maps.

Interior & Southern B.C.


Blazed trail between Great Shuswap Lake and the Columbia River

British Columbia. Thompson River District. (from Black 1835)

British Columbia. Thompson River District (with annotations)

Indian Reserves Bonaparte R, Deadmans Ck, Nicola Lk.

Indian Reserves near Nicola Lk, marked A,B,C.

Indian Reserves, Deadmans Creek marked D, E

Kamloops Indian Reserve (shows HBC Fort, corral, St Pauls)

Lot near Nicola Lk + Trails (Res?)

Map of Proposed Road between Head Okanagan Lake & the Columbia River

Map of Thompson's River District (from Black's 1835 HBC map)

Map sh lots, Bonaparte R 471 acres + Trail Clinton to Yale

Map showing 1 lot, Nicola Lk+ Trail to Kamloops

Map showing lots & trails, Deadmans Ck

Map showing trails along Thompson R

Map showing trails, Shuswap to Okanagan Lk (2 unfin maps)

Plan of Douglas Lake

Plan of proposed new road from Cache Creek...Savana's Ferry

Plan of Seymour (Has Block X added, compared to 1866/05)

Plan of Seymour (lots for public auction)

Reserve at Head of Okanagan Lake

Roads & trails Cache Ck, Savona, Kamloops & up N Thompson R

Rough esimate. of road between Cooks Ferry (Sp Br) & Bonaparte R.

Rough sketch of east bank Thompson R...present mule waggon rd

Rough sketch of the Eagle Creek Valley...July 1867

Rough sketch...North Branch Thompson R...Clearwater/Quesnelle Lk

Route of Mr Orr's prospecting party. Kamloops-Great Bend Columbia River

Sketch (of Kamloops) acc. Mr Cox's letter 10 July 1865

Sketch map Savona's Ferry to Seymour. Line of steamer Marten

Sketch of Kamloops & Shuswap Lks with part of Thompsons River

Sketch of the ground. Lillooet, Kamloops, Mission Ferry, Okanagan Lk

Sketch of the Thompson R. District to accompany report

Sketch of Valley of the Ille-cille-waat River

Sketch showing Indian Claims on the North and Shuswap Rivers

Yellowhead to Cariboo etc

[outline of Little Shuswap Lake]

[Outline of the Shuswap Lake Country]

[Sketch map, N Okanagan Lk + lot + trail from Kamloops]

[South Thonpson River] (Kamloops to Little Shuswap Lk) "11"

[Survey of country for telegraph] Tete Jaune Cache- Shuswap

[Tract of land desired, 3000 ac. Okanagan Lk towards Lumby]

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