The regional groupings presented here are from standard language used by libraries and reflect their groups used in classification systems for maps.

Coastal & Northern B.C.


Account of Russian Discoveries-4 ed

Alaska and adjoining territory

Alaska and adjoining territory 1869 from US Coast survey...features int...

Alexander Archipeligo. (in Russian) Stikine R to Moresby Island, QCI

Atlas. Karta...( Lynn Canal to QCI. sh #9) 5 insets

Atlas. Karta...(North and South of the Columbia River #12)

Atlas. Karta...(North Pacific. Kodiak Island & St Pauls Hbr sh #23)

Atlas. Karta...(QCI to Vancouver Island sh #10)

Atlas. Karta...(Vancouver Island to Cape Flattery sh #11)

Carte des possessions Russes.

Carte descouvertes des Russes dans la Mer orientale...

Carte General de l'Ocean Pacifique hemisphere boreal 1827

Carte generale de l'empire de Russie 1785

Carte generale de la Russie d'Asia et des regions polaires..

Carte generale de la terre Tchoukotaka...& NW Amerique

Chart of North Pacific showing Russian Territory

Chart of Northern part Asia & America with various tracks to 1779

Chart of portions of the Aleutians... part of Am. continent

Chart of the coast from Behrings Bay to Sea Otter Bay...

Chart of the entrances to Chichagof, Baranof & Kruzof Islands

Chart of the Gulf of Sitka showing the entrance...Russian American Co.

Chart of the North Pacific & Arctic Oceans (in Russian) update 1844, 61

Chart of the Russian possessions on the shores of E. Ocean

Chart of the sea discoveries made by Russian navigators..w corrections

Cht # 260 Chart of the North Polar Sea (to 60' N) (w Franklin searches)

Cht # 260 Chart of the North Polar Sea (to 60' N) (w Franklin searches)

Cht. N part Asia & America

Coast of North America. General map (see Alaska Bdry Atlas)

Colton's map of the territory of Alaska (Russian America)

Ethnolinguistic map...Alaska islands & of a part of Alaska..

Harbour of Sitka

Kaart von het noordoostelijke Gedeelte van Siberie...

Karta Ledovitago morai i. Vostotchnago okeana.

Karta Ledovitago motia i Vostotchnago okeana (update of 1844

Karta Predstavliaruschaia

Karte des Russischen Amerika...

Map of Alaska (3 editions) (see Alaska Bdry Atlas)

Map of Alaska (in Russian)

Map of Asian parts of Russia & North America 1807 (8 insets)

Map of N portion of NW coast of America, from Vancouver

Map of North-East Asia and North-West America

Map of Russian America 1821

Map of Russian America or Alaska Territory. Compiled from Russian chts

Map of the discoveries between Siberia and America in the year 1780

Map of the globe, incorporating the latest descriptions...Lisianski fleet...

Map of the Yukon or Kwich-Pak River

Map, compiled in Shelekhov's Company (shows N-S N Am. Bdry?)

Mercator map showing NE portion of Siberia...eastern Ocean...NW NA

Mercators chart of the Pacific Coast of North America (from Vancouver)

Mercators cht. E. Ocean & N/W Am (see Alaska Bdry Atlas)

Merkatorskaia karta Sieverovostochnoi...(Siberia-NW America)

New Archangel

Nordwest Amerika mit dem von Russland ... Territorium Alaska

Pacific Ocean. Sheet 2 Behring Strait to 30 deg

Proposed track of Party in search of Sir John Franklin

Puteshestive Flota Kapitane Sarycheva (check this source)

Russian Atlas of 1745

Russian Empire according to Kiepert & others

Russie d'Asia ou Siberie russie americaine

Russiskago Kuptsa

see Cook charts for Russian version. Map # 163

Sitka and its approaches, from Russian and British Authorities

Sitka or Norfolk Sound

Sketch map of Russian discoveries (NA Coast & island at 50')

Summary Map (Russ-Am Trading Co?) (Unusual Bdry lines)

Summary map of Russian Discoveries in E Siberia & W Am. 1779

Tracing of 1825 atlas map. Entrance to Sitka Hbr & the islands opposite.

Update of 1787 edition

Updated Pallas map

Voyage fr Asia to Am. (Bering map)

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