The regional groupings presented here are from standard language used by libraries and reflect their groups used in classification systems for maps.

Interior & Southern B.C.


A diagram of a portion of Oregon Territory. Oregon City Oct 21st 1852

A diagram of public surveys in Oregon/...

A map from Hudson's Bay to Pacific (text in Spanish)

A map of Lewis & Clark's Track across the Western portion...

A Map of the Discoveries of Capt Lewis & Clark...

A Map of the Oregon Territory drawn on stone by...

A New Map of Texas, Oregon & California (shows multiple boundaries)

A new map of Texas, Oregon and California with the regions adjoining

A new map...California, Territories of Oregon, Wash, Utah. New Mex...

Asher and Adam's Oregon

Bancroft's Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana & B.C.

Bancroft's map of Oregon... and British Columbia

Bancroft's Map of Pacific States

Bronnen der Columbia.

Carta de la Partie Occidentale...(extract from)

Carte de l'Oregon, dressee d'apres les cartes americaines et ... Mr Fedix

Carte du pays parcouru par labbe L. Rossi dans...Washington

Carte/... Cote de l'Amerique/...le Territoire de l'Oregon

Chart of the coast of California & Columbia ...Cape Mendocino to QCI ...

Colton's Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, BC & Montana

Colton's Map of Oregon...and British Columbia.

Coltons map of Pacific States connection with B.C....

Columbia River. Surveyed by Sir E. Belcher 1839

Disputed Territory of Columbia or Oregon (from deMofras)

Ethnographical Map of Oregon...limits of tribes and language

Exploration du Territoire de l'Oregon, des Californias et... 1840,41,42

Extract from A Diagram of Oregon Territory.... Washington only

Eye sketch of the plains & about Nisqually...

Eye sketch of the route from the Columbia R to Nisqually...

General map of North Pacific States & Terr...& BC (39-53')

Johnson's Oregon and Washington

Johnson's Washington, Oregon & Idaho

La carte du territoire de l'Oregon 1846

Lewis & Clark Map, 1814 (extract from Wheat Book )

Map Montana, Wash, Idaho, Oregon sh HBC & Puget Sd Agric Co

Map of Oregon

Map of Oregon & Upper California (showing Indian tribes)

Map of Oregon & Wash Terr., showing proposed Northern Rail routes...

Map of Oregon Territory

Map of Oregon Territory west of the Cascade mountains

Map of Oregon, Washington & part of British Columbia.

Map of Oregon, Washington and part of Idaho

Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and part of Montana. State?

Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and part of Montana. State?

Map of Oregon, Washington,Idaho & part of Montana State ?

Map of part Continent of NA..Gt Lks to Pacific & N to 53'

Map of Part of Continent of North America

Map of part of Washington Territory east of region.

Map of the Indian Tribes... (Jedediah Smith route + Oregon)

Map of the Missouri & higher pts of Mississippi...Mackenzies

Map of the Oregon districts and the adjacent country (insets NA & Pac)

Map of the Oregon districts and the adjacent country (insets NA & Pac)

Map of the Oregon Territory/ by the U.S.Ex.Ex...

Map of The Oregon to illustrate Ross's Fur Hunters of Far West

Map of the state of Oregon & Washington Territory/

Map of the Territory of Oregon (shows Russian Terr.)

Map of the United States territory of Oregon west of Rocky..

Map of the Western portion of Washington Territory

Map of Washington Territory west of the Cascade Mountains/

Map Oregon Terr from Best Authorities (N to Ft St James)

Map showing the routes...Majr E. Steen...US Topo Eng... btwn Cascade & Rocky Mountains from de Smet...

Map/ of the/ Oregon Territory/ by the US Ex Ex...

Map/ of the/ Oregon Territory/ by the US Ex Ex...

Map/ of the/ Oregon Territory/ by the US Ex Ex...1841

McCormick and Pownall's Map of Oregon from US Land & Coast Surveys

Nieuwe Kaerte des...van den Oregon. (deSmet rts,HBC posts)

Nouvelle carte du territoire de l'Oregon/dresse...De Smet

Oregon and California

Oregon Territory

Oregon Territory

Oregon Territory. (from New Universal Atlas Sh 48)

Oregon, Upper & Lower California, w pt of Br Am, the US.....

Oregon/ Territory/ 1846

Outlet of the Columbia River.

Plan of Cape Disappointment (mouth of Columbia Rover)

Preston's Sectional & County map of Oregon and Washington, West...

Rough chart of the Columbia R. from head of Navigation to the Pacific Oc.

Sketch map of Quadra and Vancouver's Island & the adjacent mainland...

Sketch of Fort Vancouver and Plain in September 1844

Sketch of Nisqually & adjacent plains on Puget's Sound

Sketch showing the route from Red River to the Pacific Ocean

Territoire de l'Oregon 1846 (3rd ed 1875)

The Mississippi, so named by Carl Wheat

The Northwest Coast of North America and adjacent...

The Oregon Question. Map to accompany lecture.

The Territories of Washington and Oregon

United States. (Oregon Territory + other states shaded)

Vereinigte Staaten von Nord America...

Washington And Oregon

Ydea Topografica de los Altos del Missisipi y del Missouri..

[Columbia River around present day Portland

[Map of the country between the Cascade & Rocky Mtns,...]

[Map showing the relative positions of different tribes...]

[Map showing the relative positions of different tribes...]

[Missions in Oregon Territory 1846]

[Oregon Territory] with numbers, key in book

[Territiory of Oregon] [and High California] (Van Is subdiv)

[Untitled excerpt of NA map showing Oregon]

[Warre & Vavasour expedition maps] 20 shts some BC, see area

[Western North America]/ Establissment Geograph...Bruxelles

[Western United States showing Indian Territories]

[Western Washington And Oregon] Sh 33 Amer Sept.

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