The regional groupings presented here are from standard language used by libraries and reflect their groups used in classification systems for maps.

Coastal & Northern B.C.



01. Part of the West coast of NA from lat. 42' 30 to 52' 15N

02. Part of the West coast of NA from lat. 43' 00 to 36' 36N

03. Port Quadra in the Gulf of Georgia on an enlarged scale

04. Gray's Harbour on the West coast of New Albion...enlarged scale

06. Copy of Spanish chart from 48' 20 to 49' 35 N rec. from Galiano

07. Copy of Caamano chart from 50' 45 to 55' 40N rec. from Quadra

08. Copy of Spanish chart from 16' 00 to 41' 30 N Quadra

09. Sheet containing four harbours & entrance to River Columbia

10. Copy of Spanish chart of Port of Bucareli rec. from Quadra

11. Copy of Spanish chart of Nootka Sound rec. from Quadra

12. Gray's harbour, as rec from Quadra

13. Port of S. Francisco as rec.from Quadra

14. Bay of Monterey as rec.from Quadra

17. Chatham Island by Broughton.

18. A sketch of the Columbia River explored...Broughton...October 1792

A chart shewing part of the Western coast of North America...

Bulfinch's Sound (Nasparti Inlet below Brooks Peninsula)

Carte du Rio Columbia depuis son embouchure jusqu au Fort Vancouver.

Chart of Pt Discovery or Pt Quadra...surveyed by Mr Whidbey

Cht Coast NW America & Islands Adj NW of Gulf of Georgia

Columbia's River (likely a copy of Gray's chart obtained at Nootka)

First boat expedition from Restoration Bay 30 May to 3 June (Burke Ch)

Fourth boat expedition from Salmon Bay

Islands north and west of Haro and Rosario Strait (Blakely & Cypress)

Islas de la Reine Charlotte (B.C.?)

Johnstone Strait (Strait of Georgia to Queen Charlotte Sd)

La costa de America desde Nutka hasta 51'30"

La costa NO de America con la isla de Quadra Y Vancouver

Northwest Coast of America from 49'30-51'30. Spanish map

Plan du port de la Nouvelle Archangel dans I'lle de Sitka.. from Sarichev)PRO 2250

Plan du Port de Nutka. Cala de los Amigos

Plano de la Isle de Nutka-(possibly received at Nootka)

Plano topographico...Archipelago de Nutka....(possibly rec at Nootka)

Plano Topographico...del Archipiego de Nutka.

Port Conclusion.....Baranov Is.(behind Sitka. End of 3rd yr)

Port de Quadra ou de la decouverte.

Port Stewart in the Sts of Adm DeFonte (W Arm, Behm Canal)

Queen Charlotte Islands (from Vancouver's chart #7)

Second boat expedition.Channels north of Seaforth Channel 9-18 June '93

Straits between Banks island, Pitt Island and Mainland

Third boat expedition Princess Royal Is.& channel btwn Banks and Pitt Is.

Track of Discovery. Continuation of 226

Vancouver Is. & Juan de Fuca

[Coast of New Albion and New Georgia] (Puget Sd etc.)

[Columbia river to Port Menzies]

[Outline chart of Burke Channel]

[What was known about the west coast around 1800]

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