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Coastal & Northern B.C.



#1 Area between Government Street and James Bay

#4 Beckley Farm, Beacon Hill Park, Straits of Fuca

#5 Church reserve and surrounding streets, Victoria

...a resurvey of 4 lots at Humboldt and McClure St, Victoria

A Plan of the Town of Victoria Shewing Proposed Improvements

Adm Cht #2840 Haro & Middle Channel with Victoria added

Beckley Farm (showing land unsold in 1861, London agreement)

Copy, Map of Subdivisions Beckley Farm & land S & W James B.

Craig Flower Farm (shows Ind. Res, Portage In. Esq Hbr)

Diagram lots, resurvey Puget Sd Agric Co grant to servants

District Map of Metchosin

Early downtown Victoria

Early town plan, Government Street & lots

Entrance of Esquimalt Hbr sh prop Light House on Fisgard Is

Esquimalt Dist Official Map (see Van Is Land Dist)

Esquimalt Harbour. Plan of allotments

Esquimalt Hbr from HMS Plumper to Sec Admiralty re defences

Ground plan, Government buillding on HBC, Vic.

Ground Plan...Vancouver Island establishment.

Land on Esq Hbr selected by HBC for wharf & warehouse...

Map of City of Victoria, Van Is

Map of Dist of Victoria & in Vancouver ID No 1..

Map of Hon'ble Hudsons' Bay Co's BC buildings at Victoria

Map of Prop belonging to Messrs Selleck & Rothwell, Esq Dist

Map of Saanich Peninsula and Finlayson Arm... (tattered)

Map of southern tip of Vancouver Is. from Sooke to Cordova B

Map of the City of Victoria, Vancouver Island

Map of the City of Victoria...numbered...from official map

Map of the Country around Esquimalt Harbour

Map of the Districts of Victoria & Esquimalt in Van Is.

Map of the Esquimalt or Langford Farm

Map of the Victoria District Vancouvers Island 1850.

Map of Victoria & part of Esquimalt District

Map of Victoria area incl Beacon Hill Pk

Map Subdivision of Beckley Farm.. Mactavish Chief Factor HBC

Map, Subdiv Beckley Farm, sh HBC Prop, lots sold or to Crown

Metchosin Dist Official map (see Van Is Land Districts)

Misc small lots Victoria & Esquimalt #1

Misc small lots Victoria #6

Misc small lots Victoria, Esquimalt #5

Misc small lots Victoria, Esquimalt, Lake #2

Misc small lots Victoria, HBC, Reserves #3

Misc small lots Victoria, Sooke, Esquimalt #4

Misc. small lots #7

No. 2 Plan of Victoria District. Lot 24 Sec 18. Explanations

Official plan, City of Esquimalt (unfinished)

Old map Victoria Harbour or Town Plan of Fort Victoria?

Original sketch map Victoria Dist & part of Esquimalt

Peninsula occupied by the Puget Sound Company

Plan Government Reserve In Victoria (Portage Inlet)

Plan of Buildings on the Puget Sd Co's Farm at Esquimalt

Plan of Ft Victoria, Vancouver's Is, Cammusan Hbr

Plan of Indian Reserve at Victoria

Plan of James Bay Reserve, showing site orig Parliament Bldg

Plan of John Work's Property

Plan of Lot 15,Bk..., situated on Wharf St. Copied from Tiedeman HBC

Plan of part of town of Victoria...showing town lots...

Plan of reserve of 1300 acres at Fort Victoria

Plan of reserve...Cadboro Bay (corners A,B,C,D,E,F)

Plan of Sooke District, Vancouver Island

Plan of Sooke District, Vancouver Island (Sooke to Pedder B)

Plan of the Fort and adjacent property. (Ft Victoria) .

Plan of the Indian Reserve at Esquimalt. 2 Maps, 1 w shading

Plan of the Subdivision of Metchosin District

Plan of Victoria and Esquimalt Districts, Vancouver Island

Plan, pt of Sec IV, Victoria Land Dist

Race Islands sh prop site for lighthouse on Great Race Rock

SE Part Van Is. Prop site for Lighthouses (Race & Fisgard)

Sketch of Cammusan Harbour...drawing by Scarboro Capt HBC

Small Sketch of claims by some settlers at Fort Victoria.

Sooke District Official map (see Van Is Land Districts)

Subdivision Sec V, Victoria

Survey of part of Esquimalt Dist.

The Neighbourhood of Victoria drawn with reference to levels

The Public Park. (Beacon Hill with survey dimensions)

The Victoria Incorporation Act. Schedule. Plan A

Town of Victoria V.I. Subdivision of Sec No 1 1863

Town of Victoria, showing proposed improvements. (partial)

Town of Victoria, Vancouver Is. from the Official Map

Vancouver Is. Grd Plan for new establishment (Ft Victoria)

Vancouver's Island. Puget Sounds Company's Farms...

Victoria & Esquimalt Railway, Book of Ref. & proposed plans

Victoria & Puget Sound (Esquimalt) Districts...

Victoria & Puget Sound Districts Sheet #1 (Vic-Oak Bay)

Victoria & Puget Sound Districts Sheet #2 (Cad Bay-Lk Hill)

Victoria & Puget Sound Districts Sheet #3 (Esq Hbr-Albert H)

Victoria Dist Official Map

Victoria Dist Sec 1 Lot 2 (Clover Point Foul Bay area)

Victoria District (scale 4 inches to one mile)

Victoria District. Lot No 128 (school, church, park reserve)

Victoria Harbour (Adm Ch #1897B with lots) "27"

Victoria Harbour Adm Cht No. 1897b with town streets

Victoria Hbr, by Officers of HMS Plumper. Soundings,dredging

Victoria Town ( 6 maps ) 3 o/h P.O., Church Res, Hbrmaster

Victoria Town Incomplete. (Shows Fort)

Victoria Town. Incomplete . See note

Victoria, Town Plan

View of Victoria, Vancouver Island

Water supplies at Esquimalt, the Saanich Inlet & Cowitchin..

[ Esquimalt, Craigflower, Constance C. Viewfield farms

[Indian reserve, Victoria]...true...copy..Town map 1855 Tr.

[Land survey S of James Bay, site for Parliament Bldg]

[Map showing Haro Strait & Cordova Bay]

[part of Esquimalt District] unfinished

[Plan of waterfront lot, Victoria, at Store & Johnson Sts.

[Proposed road bridge across James Bay]

[Sketch of land grant in Vancouver Is to Puget Sound Agric. Co

[unfinished map of S. tip of Van. Is...Sooke to Cordova Bay]

[West shore, Saanich inlet, showing Goldstream, Shawhigan Llk, whaling

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